2017: Looking Back and Moving Forward

A Review of December, and What January Has in Store

Yesterday (January 3) marked an important ‘holiday’ for cryptocurrency enthusiasts: it was on this date in 2009 that the first Bitcoin were mined from what has been called the ‘Genesis Block’- the starting point of the very first blockchain in history.

At Heleum, we’re celebrating the beginning of a new month, a new year, and Bitcoin’s anniversary by looking back at what has been accomplished over the last month and charting our course forward for 2018.

Here’s a snapshot of how Heleum finished December:

We increased to 2,400 active users- surpassing our goal by 40%

User balances surpassed$ 2,150,000- exceeding our projections by 15%

To celebrate exceeding our December goals early, we introduced Account Boosts just in time for Christmas:

  • 1% for ALL users- now everyone gets a majority of gains from their very first balloon pop
  • the Account Boost rises to 5% for users with over $1,000 invested
  • the Account Boost rises to 10% for users with over $10,000 invested
  • the Account Boost rises to 15% for users with over $100,000 invested
  • the Account Boost rises to 20% for users with over $1,000,000 invested

Dash became available on Uphold and joined our lineup of cryptocurrencies- increasing Heleum’s diversity and opportunity for gains

Moving Forward- Transparently

From the beginning, we’ve aimed to be as transparent as possible for our users- and everyone else. With data and comments from the beta period and continuing with active users today, our development team is hard at work on v2.0, which is estimated to be available early this year. This will include over 10 new upgrades to the algorithm, as well as 100+ new app features, like additional stats, charts, and native mobile apps on Android and iOS.

All of these changes and upgrades require a lot of coordination, and our new Roadmap page at heleum.com lets anyone watch tasks get worked on and completed in real time. To-Do lists for both the app and the code are visible, with a column for tasks being done, and lists of what has been completed. On the bottom of the page, you’ll also find release notes, giving a good general idea of changes coming with the newest version.

We’re excited to have such an incredible community of users helping us to reach our goal of changing the way people save. We hope you’ll enjoy this closer look at the hard work being done by our development team to make your experience even better!