2020, here we come!

It’s been almost exactly one year since we paused our web app for a complete rebuild. Read that update here: heleum.com/heleum-paused. If you had a remaining balance in your Heleum app user account, you can always access those funds on Uphold.com/dashboard/cards.

Here’s a status update on our 2020 relaunch plans:

  • With our new partners, we just finished automating our stock market bot for a single account to trade stocks, ETFs, futures, and options. We will soon present it to new investors, and make positive returns trading our own pool of funds. We will then be testing it with them to make it available for our new app.
  • In the meantime I am working with Taylor to define what else will go into our new app. Our app will be built as much as possible on the Bitcoin (BSV) blockchain due to the low fees, instant transactions, and active development support.

This whole process might take a while. We are not going to rush it. We will let you know once anything big happens, including a press release, a new corporate filing, or some on-chain transactions we can link to. Rest assured, we’ve never given up. We’re just working gradually behind the scenes and will take as long as we need to complete our goals so that you can have a positive return. Feel free to ask me any questions. We’re here to help.

– Pace Ellsworth, CEO