Guest post contributed by Heleum user Morgan Aldous



It’s a term famously coined by Lebanese-American polymath Nassim Taleb. In his decades of work studying statistics, probability, and complex systems, Taleb realized that there are three possible reactions to the inevitable stress and chaos of the world: either the system will break because it is fragile, it will remain the same because it is robust, or, in the case of a rare class of systems, it will grow and gain and conquer. This third class, however, did not have a proper name in English to describe it- hence his coining ‘antifragile.’

Antifragility is more than just strength, or robustness, or resilience. These systems do not just stand as mountains in the face of hurricanes, or clip along at a constant pace like an icebreaker ship in the arctic. Rather, like a muscle grows in size and strength from the stress of a workout, or the immune system increases its defense with exposure to a virus, antifragile systems don’t just succeed in the face of chaos, but because of it.

The world’s financial systems are inherently fragile. For all the show of wealth and power governments and banking institutions give, they are all just a few lines of bad monetary policy away from disaster- as we saw in 1929, 2000, 2008, the crash of the Pound after the Brexit, and in the lamentations all over social media this past week as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lost value following the Securities and Exchange Commission’s rejection of a crypto-based fund.

Heleum, however, is an antifragile system. It is not only robust in the face of volatility, it thrives in it. It thrives because of it.

While traditional investors anxiously watched their cryptocurrency accounts lose value this week, we at Heleum watched with excitement as our algorithm perfectly performed as it was designed- dispassionately watching the value of these currencies fluctuating, buying low and selling high without human error or emotion.

The future isn’t known to anyone, but all signs and trends point to more volatility among the world’s currencies. Fragile systems will collapse, while those that are antifragile are set to gain- big time. Heleum is the only antifragile investment system that we know of that is accessible to the general public.

Don’t be fragile. Join our beta and let Heleum float you above the world’s volatility today.