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Black Friday Update + $200 Offer

Nov 25, 2022

Expanded Account Setup Flow

  1. Over Thanksgiving, we completed the new Start page as the new first step for people on the Heleum site. It outlines the tax-free, crash-proof, leveraged life insurance features that allow the 20%+ growth possible in Heleum Accounts.
  2. The Retire Early Retirement Calculator page is now public. We also added an explainer video to it to walk people through the results.
  3. We moved the Schedule custom plan booking page to its own page, and we'll be adding a video to there shortly.
  4. Finally, we added a booking confirmation page to provide additional details about the Heleum Account and the next steps after your planning session.

New Incentives! $200 signup, $200 referral, 1% cash back

Our partners pay us a lot to set up Heleum accounts, so we want to give back:

  1. Starting today, all new members that start saving through our core Heleum Account will get a $200 Heleum Refill back as cash, additional retirement savings, or DOH membership. WHAT'S DOH? Just a minute!
  2. We're also giving $200 to you for everyone you refer to Heleum that gets started. In other words, refer a friend and you BOTH get $200 Refills once you start funding your Heleum Accounts.
  3. Lastly, and most importantly, we're going to start with a 1% match on all your deposits we're calling the Heleum Reverse-Fee, up to $50/month. Acorns and Robinhood can't touch this.

Forming the DOH: The DAO of Heleum

We're in the process of launching a DAO LLC (Decentralized Autonomous Organization Limited Liability Company) called DOH, "the DAO of Heleum", to support Heleum's goals and incentives, giving everyone "one token – one vote".

The DOH will allow people and entities that don't qualify for Heleum Accounts to invest in Heleum's future. This includes people that don't meet income or health requirements or investors outside the US. Learn more about the DOH here.