DOH - The DAO of Heleum

What is the DOH?

We're in the process of launching a DAO LLC (Decentralized Autonomous Organization Limited Liability Company) called DOH, "the DAO of Heleum", to support Heleum's goals and incentives, allowing people that don't qualify for Heleum Accounts to invest in Heleum's future. This includes people that don't meet income or health requirements, or investors outside the US. Every new Heleum Account Owner can also choose to enter the DAO with their Refills or monthly Reverse-Fees.

Why form a DAO?

US regulations make a securities-regulated raise possible, but often costly with many limitations, such as increased reporting requirements and less ability for non-accredited and foreign investors to contribute.

Legal DAOs represent a novel framework akin to a customer-owned mutual company like a credit union or many insurance companies, or a worker-owned cooperative. With a DAO LLC, we will have more transparency into who owns the DOH compared to many kinds of public offerings, and will have the benefits of automation, transparency, auditability, and reliability provided by smart contracts.

Hundreds of legal DAOs have been formed in Wyoming and other states using new blockchain laws. You can read more about these entities and their status here:

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How the DAO will be set up

We are in the process of finalizing the blockchain that the token and major transactions will be done on. We aim to strike a balance between transaction cost and current network effect to maximize onboarding potential, and reduce technology costs and ongoing costs.

As members buy DOH tokens, they will be minted and they will gain voting potential. Heleum will also receive 50% of the same value in nontransferable (locked) DOH tokens. This will incentivize Heleum and its managers to purchase tokens to retain a voting majority.

This model provides an incentive for Heleum to grow as the new tokens sold can provide Heleum with reliable financing for future development. It also encourages transparency and scrutiny in Heleum's business operations to further push for automation and efficiency. It automatically permits other members to have majority control over the DOH, and it also allows Heleum to be rewarded with a majority vote if it invests its revenue. This see-saw encourages a constant coopetition between Heleum and DOH investors.

This new model will allow the DOH to launch additional DAOs in order to fundraise other member small businesses with the DOH itself as the lead investor.

What the DOH will do

  1. Refills: giving $200 to Heleum members for consistency and referrals.
  2. Reverse-Fees: giving up to $50/month to match 1% of Heleum deposits.
  3. Cash Flow: offering development loans to Heleum & other members.
  4. Bonuses: grants to people to overcome investment losses and tax burdens.
  5. Charity: supporting economic opportunity with the greatest global impact.
  6. Investments: A diversified low-risk growth strategy voted on by members.
  7. Proposals: any member can propose a venture or charity to be voted on.

The DOH Token

Since the DOH token will be pegged to the US Dollar, it will be a pure governance utility token, conferring full economic and voting rights to the token-holders. Additionally, the minting of new tokens according to the smart contract and/or the DOH LLC Articles of Organization will not dilute or reduce the value of any current or existing investors. The current planned value of each token will be 1 USD.

A secondary marketplace to swap DOH tokens for those of other enDAO'd businesses will allow people move their support and influence where they like without speculating on the value of the tokens themselves.

Next Steps - Your Help.

We already have completed or pending appointments with 10 Heleum subscribers representing over 100 additional applicants. In order to kickstart the fund, backed by the first 100 new Heleum Accounts, we plan to raise 500,000 USD before the end of 2023. Our 2032 goals are to have 1 million Heleum Accounts with over $100B in retirement funds and 1 million DOH members with over $10B in assets in DOH.

We will be releasing additional information on the DOH in the coming days and weeks, including the Heleum Master Plan, the DOH white paper, and information on how anyone can contribute to it. The information on this page and other publications may be subject to change.