How to use the Early Retirement Calculator

Nov 22, 2022


Your Current Age: Enter your age – between 0 and 55. (We also have many options for people age 55 to 75, with results similar to what you can see here at 55.)

Monthly Income: Your monthly salary, personal income, or household income.

Savings Rate: The portion (percentage) of your income you are currently saving up, or want to start saving up for retirement and long-term care.


The inputs are calculated to generate values similar to those seen in illustrations for Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policies issued by life insurance companies. These cash-value accounts allow you to save up a balance in your account that you can withdraw. They also allow you to borrow from the insurance company using your account as collateral.

The red line represents the growth in a regular qualified account such as a 401k or IRA, growing at 10% per year, AFTER management fees. The blue, yellow, and green lines represent Heleum accounts growing at 6%, 8%, and 10% BEFORE account fees. These typically outperform compared to IRAs & 401(k)s because you are able to invest a large portion of your income in them, withdrawing loans from the insurance company to cover your expenses. In other words, the insurance company will subsidize your premium so you can sock away 2x to 10x more than you would in traditional retirement accounts.

Once you review the results, you can schedule an appointment with a licensed investment adviser to create a custom plan that best fits your unique situation. Here, we ask for some details to help us prepare for your appointment so we can present additional options that are specific to you.