How to Sign Up for Uphold

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already heard about Uphold and now you want to start using its awesome features. Or perhaps you want to sign up for Uphold to get started on one of the Uphold apps, like Bitwage, Ausecure, or our app, Heleum.

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Here’s the important thing: If you’re at all stressed out about the sign-up process, don’t be. It’s very simple and this post will help you every step of the way.

First Steps

Go to and click on “SIGN UP” or “SIGN UP NOW”.

Uphold Home Page


You will see the first step of the initial sign-up process, which asks for your email address and prompts you to create a password. You will also need to indicate your country of residence and whether or not you want to receive Uphold’s latest news and updates. Then click on “NEXT”.

Join Uphold Step 1


You will see the second step of the initial sign-up process, which asks for identifying information and prompts you to create a username. Make sure to include accurate information. Like many other financial institutions, Uphold may verify the identities of its customers in order to comply with relevant laws and regulations. Inaccurate information may complicate the sign-up process or result in a restricted account. After filling in the required data, click on “NEXT”.

Join Uphold Step 2


The next screen will ask you to confirm your account by checking your inbox for a confirmation email. Go find the email Uphold sent and click on the included link.

Uphold Confirmation Email


You will see the third step of the initial sign-up process, which prompts you for a phone number in order to do two-factor authentication. This protects your account against unauthorized access. Uphold no longer uses SMS for this process and instead uses the Authy app. So make sure to use the number of a phone that can download and install Authy. After inputting your number, click on “CONTINUE”.

Join Uphold Step 3


The next screen prompts you for the verification code from the Authy app on the phone you just added to your account. Type in the code that Authy displays and Uphold will automatically verify it if it is correct.

Join Uphold Authy


Welcome to Uphold

You will see a screen welcoming you to Uphold with a video that will demonstrate and explain Uphold’s features. After watching it, click on “CONTINUE”.

Welcome to Uphold


You are now officially a member of Uphold! You will see your Uphold Dashboard, which allows you to view your various currency cards and amounts. At this point, while you are technically an Uphold member, you are not yet a “verified member”. Non-verified members can only do a maximum of $1,000 worth of transactions over the lifetime of the account and cannot do bank transfers. Additionally, some Uphold apps may require a verified member status. It only takes a few minutes to gain access to all the Uphold features. To start the process, click on “BECOME A VERIFIED MEMBER”.

Uphold Dashboard


Get Verified

After clicking on “BECOME A VERIFIED MEMBER”, you will see this pop-up, telling you a little bit about the benefits. To continue, click on “BECOME A VERIFIED MEMBER”.

Become a Verified Member


This next screen simply informs you what will be required. You will need to provide your address and a photo ID. To continue, click on “START”.

Verified Member Requirements


You will see the first verification step, prompting you for your address. Again, make sure to input accurate information so there is no interruption in your access to Uphold’s features. Then click on “NEXT”.

Become a Member Step 1


You will see the second verification step, prompting you to select the country where your photo ID was issued. Select the correct country and click on “NEXT”.

Become a Member Step 2


You will see a screen asking you to select which type of photo ID document you will be submitting for verification. Select the correct type.

Uphold Select ID Type


The next screen asks you how you want to submit your photo ID document. One option is to take a picture of your ID using your device. The other option is to upload a file of your photo ID. Make your selection depending on what works best for you.

Uphold Upload ID Document


If you choose to take a picture of your photo ID, depending on your device, you may need to grant access to use the camera. It will prompt you for pictures of your ID and also of your face. Follow all the prompts to take the pictures properly.

Uphold ID Take Picture


If you choose to upload a file of your photo ID, it will ask for separate files for the front and back of the photo ID and it will also ask for a file of a picture of your face. Follow all the prompts to finish the upload properly.

Uphold ID Upload File


The next screen will simply thank you for taking the pictures or uploading the documents. Click on “CONTINUE”.

Uphold Upload ID Finish



You will be taken back to your Uphold dashboard with a message near the top that says your account is being reviewed. In most cases, the review process takes less than 15 minutes. In some cases it can take longer or Uphold may ask you for additional information. If the process takes longer than 48 hours, email to ask for help.

Uphold Account Review


Congratulations! You finished the entire sign-up process for Uphold! As soon as your account has been reviewed and accepted, you will have access to all of Uphold’s features and apps. As a verified member, you’ll also be ready to use Heleum.

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Now that you’re all signed up, with the potential that Uphold brings to the table, you’ll be able to improve your financial life through a wonderful suite of 21st-century economic tools.