How Heleum REALLY Works

Under new Heleum Version 2.0, here’s how balloons let your money move:

Short Version

– Your account is typically split into 20 portions called “balloons”.
– Each balloon waits for a market signal to move one of your balloons into a cryptocurrency that is rising.
– Balloons move again and again based on market signals to get in and out of cryptocurrencies.
– When a balloon has enough in gains, it “pops” and takes those gains back to the base currency.

Long Version

After the cryptocurrency crash that started in December 2017, Heleum worked with users to identify the pain points in Heleum Version 1.0. In March of 2018, we finished developing a back-testing simulator to explore changes the algorithm to launch in Version 2.0. We finished and launched Version 2.0 on May 16, 2018. Here’s how it works:

Buy Rising

The crux of Version 2.0 is “Move Recommendations”. These recommendations are based on:
– bid & ask prices for each cryptocurrency
– current velocity and acceleration of the prices (how fast the prices are changing right now)
– average velocity and acceleration over time of the prices (how fast prices have changed in the past hour, day, week, etc.)

When certain triggers are met in these measurements, our system produces a move recommendation to move balloons to that currency, as a prediction that the currency will rise enough in the next few hours to the next few weeks to take a good profit.

Each of the 20 balloons users will have will be set to move on different days and on different recommendations, so that a user’s account can stay well diversified between multiple cryptocurrencies and national currencies.

Sell Falling

If a recommendation fails to predict a rise because the currency falls and doesn’t recover soon enough, then the algorithm will allow an affected balloon to move on a new recommendation to recover the funds. We are also developing move recommendations to identify the very best times to move a balloon to a fiat currency before crashes can form.

ALL OF THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Pretty much all of it will be adjusted and fine-tuned over the next few months as we fine-tune v2.0 based on how user accounts behave in the real-time market. We’re excited for the road ahead. See changes here at our Roadmap.