Let’s Talk Privacy

Let’s talk about privacy.

We take it seriously.


We enjoy being a partner app. If we stay as just a partner app and never start a full brokerage service like Coinbase or Uphold, then:

– Heleum will never see your password
– Heleum will never see your bank account info
– Heleum will never see your credit card info
– Heleum will never see your crypto addresses or keys
– Heleum will never see your driver’s license
– Heleum will never see your photo
– Heleum will never see your social security number

And Heleum will NEVER ask for any of these things.
We like it that way.


We do need some things for Heleum to work, though. If you use our app, you have given Heleum permission to:
– View your profile info, for support and birthday boosts.
– View your funding methods and add/withdraw funds.
– View and transfer funds between your Uphold Cards.
– Create new Uphold Money Cards, for Heleum cards.
– View and create contacts, to help track referrals.
– View and add phone numbers, for tech support calls.
– Send fees from your Uphold wallet to Heleum, for pops.

We don’t store all this information. Only what we need to operate Heleum. What we do keep is stored securely on a remote server that only 5 whitelisted devices can access with SSH-encrypted keys and pass-phrases. We have your permission to access it at any time for support and to make sure Heleum is working effectively. We fix a LOT of bugs before you ever know about them.


Keep in mind that we’re not even 3 weeks old with our app, and we’ll be improving our customer service, privacy, and security policies over time. We’re just glad that we can do some pretty amazing things with less information than most other companies know about you. We know it’s still a lot of information, and we understand the risks. We promise we’ll keep it secure, and we’ll look for ways to use your personal information less and less over time.


For nerdy info on exactly what information we can use through the Uphold API: https://uphold.com/en/developer/api/documentation/