November 2017 Review

A snapshot of our first month

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has signed up and spread the word! We’re still small and little-known, so a grassroots network of happy users telling their friends and families about us is crucial to our growth. This is how revolutions start.

Here’s what we’ve achieved together in our first month- November 1, 2017:

We launched an app: two years of hard work behind the scenes culminated with our launch party in Phoenix on November 1. Check out the talks given by our CEO and co-founder, Pace Ellsworth; CTO and co-founder, Taylor Ellsworth; and the Chief Revenue Officer of Uphold, Robin O’Connell.

We reached $1,100,000 in balances: there’s just something psychologically exciting about a million bucks, so it was a natural and ambitious goal for our first month. We’re thrilled that our users put in 110% — literally.

We passed 1,100 active users: this is remarkable for one reason- it was mostly grassroots, peer-to-peer sharing on social media. We didn’t take out any ads on TV, radio, or online. Our users are enjoying the app and sharing it. That’s the best compliment we could get.

Users made about $60k in closed gains: we have several goals in mind for Heleum, including helping to make cryptocurrencies mainstream, but above all we want our users to harness volatility to grow their savings instead of losing value to inflation. We structured the app so that we only make money if our users do, and our programmers will continue their hard work to ensure a good balance between earning potential and safety.

The algorithm effortlessly handled 10 million in trading volume: Heleum is all about movement, and the stats show it. Though Heleum only represents 1% of Uphold’s deposits, we’re responsible for 10% of their exchange volume.

Cryptos just started turning heads: this wasn’t our doing, of course, but it’s great news for us! November 2017 will go down in history as the month that Bitcoin broke $10,000- and the world is taking notice. Cryptocurrency is finally getting the attention it deserves, and will continue to fundamentally change the way we do things in the years to come. This means new innovation, more competition in the crypto-sphere, and volatility- and Heleum will be here to profit.

With such a great first month, we’re more excited than ever to bring cryptocurrency investing and automated trading to the masses. Thank you for being part of the revolution!