There must come a time in each startup’s life where things get harder before they get easier. Now is that time for us. While the cryptocurrency market just fell to another low, meaning new lows and fears for our users, our crowdfunding campaign on SeedInvest expired unfulfilled with no fanfare at all. We reached $145k out of our $250k escrow target (the target required for the fund to be fulfilled), so as it wasn’t enough, all the funds sent in were returned to the prospective investors. We know that dozens of our users participated, and we’re sorry they are not now also investors in our company. We don’t think this story is over.


Where do we go from here?

  1. Heleum will continue with full customer service. We will always answer our tickets in a timely fashion, and will continue to deal with any technical issues that may arise.
  2. We’re looking at our options to start a new equity crowdfunding campaign. With the benefit of hindsight, we will improve by leaps and bounds the second time, aiming even higher. We’ll seek out a more flexible service so more of our supporters can participate.
  3. We’re currently presenting Heleum to a number of angel investors who are expressing interest in being involved.


Despite the bleak news, we feel like the future of Heleum is looking brighter than ever, because:

  1. Even with the recent 30% cryptocurrency crash, new users that have started since our V2.0 launch (since 5/17) are only down 5% in their accounts due to the recent upgrades we’ve made.
  2. We are making significant progress on fiat stop loss testing. We want to have that in place ASAP, as we are painfully aware that it’s been in demand since before our 2017 launch.
  3. We’re also in discussions with new technology partners and professional traders with decades of experience to dramatically improve our app performance.
  4. Our plans to add new apps and services to our portfolio have accelerated. We’ll announce more as our funding and development goals are reached.


In the end, while we are well aware and heartbroken over the market’s and our app’s performance thus far, we firmly believe that through our continued effort we will achieve massive strides towards profits for our users and for Heleum as a venture. We’re prepared for the long haul. Stay tuned on our Facebook Page and Twitter Page for more updates, and THANK YOU for your support.