Recovery Boosts

Today we’re pleased to announce our biggest discount yet: Recovery Boosts. Heleum is now free for any users that don’t currently have a net profit.

Essentially, whenever your Heleum account is worth less than what it started with, Heleum will add a Recovery Boost of 40% to your account, so you will keep a full 100% of balloon gains until your account balance recovers. Normally if you start a Heleum account, and most of your balloons drop, but a few pop with gains, we would charge you normal fees on Heleum’s portion of the gains from those balloon pops. Now, we have made it so that your account will never be charged if your account is down, so we truly only make money if you make money. This measure will instantly make Heleum free for over 95% of our users until their accounts recover.

Add on to that the good news that Heleum just helped most users sit out of a 25% drop in the cryptocurrency market. Heleum is designed to eventually enter cryptos at a big discount in search of new growth. For users that have big losses and have hesitated to add more funds because of Heleum fees and a lack of stop losses, those concerns are now a thing of the past.

Here is what Recovery Boosts look like in the app:

This Boost will automatically appear if your realtime account balance (any amount not in balloons plus whatever your current balloons are worth) is lower than your net deposits (the total amount you’ve added to your Heleum account minus the total amount you’ve withdrawn from Heleum). It will automatically disappear if your account balance exceeds your net deposits.

A huge thank you to the Heleum community for supporting us as we implement new policies. Please consider contributing to our WeFunder equity crowdfunding campaign here to help us with our next development projects, including iOS and Android mobile apps.