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IRA 10%

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Amount of money saved in Heleum in 20 years:

Your Heleum plan: you save up to per month for years, growing at 6-10% per year.

Heleum's partners lend you up to a 5x match on your deposits for 20 years at only 4% interest, while the funds grow in your account at 6-10% per year. And did we mention that even if the market crashes, your account value doesn't go down?

Depending on the market returns, your account value after year 20 is between and .

You can take a tax-free income for the rest of your life of to per year.

That's the equivalent of and taxable income

Compare that to a 401(k) browing at 10% per year after fees, which would only grow to and provide taxable income of only , according to the 4% rule.

You can have up to x more in early retirement income with Heleum.

Next step: Set an appointment with us to go over your plan in more detail, custom-fit for you by a licensed fiduciary investment adviser. You can save up even faster by putting in a lump sum from selling a house, or from business income, and plenty of other options. Not all people can qualify for this plan. We can help you find out your options.