Improved Gains – Version 1.6

Today we activated the first of a dozen major code upgrades to Heleum which will make Heleum gains higher and more predictable.

Here’s how today’s change works:

If a balloon is about to move to a national currency (it has reached a profit goal to move into one), it will pop instead if:
– The balloon is up at least 10% towards the launch currency since balloon launch, and
– The balloon is up at least 2% per day since balloon launch.

This rule will allow Heleum users to capture large gains (over 2% per day) and then protect those gains by taking them off the table for longer than before. Under the previous code, balloons could fluctuate up and down many times, potentially never popping and losing out on many better trade opportunities.

Additional upgrades will be made every week or two, leading up to v2.0, which has a tentative release date of May 1st, 2018. Heleum v2.0 will launch alongside our mobile app launch. These upgrades can be reviewed on our Roadmap page.