Start Your Journey

Heleum is Refreshingly Different

Heleum pays members to establish consistent savings habits and protect their retirement savings from market crashes and income taxes. To do this, we partner with life insurance companies in a unique way:

1. Our fiduciary investment adviser meets with you to make a custom plan.
2. We match you with a provider to see tax-free options with various guarantees.
3. If you qualify, you can start contributing to your new retirement account.
4. We pay you every month to keep going until you retire.

Heleum Account Features

  • Indexed: Tied to US/global stocks, bonds, & commodities using AI.
  • Principal Protection: Lock in annual gains and lose nothing in a crash.
  • Arbitrage: Partners match deposits 2-10x, allowing stronger annual growth.
  • Tax-Free: Grow and borrow against your funds without paying income tax.
  • No Caps: No income or deposit limits. Just whatever you can put away.
  • Life Insurance: High death benefit, also usable for end-of-life care.
  • Sign-up Bonus: Get $200 after 3 months and whenever you refer a friend.
  • Heleum Reverse-Fee: We match 1% of all deposits, up to $50 per month.
  • Refer your employer! We'll work with them to match up to 100% of deposits!

Next Steps

1. Try out the Early Retirement Calculator

On the next page, enter your Age and Monthly Income to compare a traditional 401k/IRA to a Heleum account over the next 20 years with hypothetical numbers. For most people, this makes sense, especially since your 401k or IRA doesn't have hardly any of our features. See how much you can save up, and what your early retirement income could be.

2. Create a custom plan with our licensed team

From there, sign up for a free secure account here on our website, and then schedule an appointment with our licensed fiduciary investment adviser who can go over your unique situation. We'll ask bonus questions to prepare, since there are often more options for homeowners and business owners.