Heleum LLC


Heleum is automating finance.

Heleum LLC is a financial software development company, focusing on consumer applications. Their first app is Heleum, an automated savings accelerator for cryptocurrencies.

Heleum LLC, was founded in Mesa, Arizona in April 2017 by brothers Pace & Taylor Ellsworth and their colleague Dan Pratt, after working together on their previous ventures in financial marketing. The team brainstormed and came up with the investment automation concept for their first app, Heleum, in November 2015: a mesh network of currency values that would reduce the risk of trading while increasing the reward, compared to the inverse risk/reward inherent to the world's prevailing binary paradigm.

Heleum is not FDIC-insured, and is not a financial services company.

The Heleum Team

Pace Ellsworth,
CEO & Co-Founder

Pace has a BA in Linguistics, minoring in Computational Linguistics, with a love for languages & future tech. From 2011 to 2015, he was a Director of Product Development for Freedom Financial Radio. In 2016, Pace worked alongside CoolTrade, a stock market automation software company.

Taylor Ellsworth,
CTO & Co-Founder

Taylor leads the core development at Heleum. He studied Computer Science at SVU. He then managed cloud computing and web development at Booz Allen Hamilton and ByteCubed in Northern VA. Taylor has worked with Pace since 2015, managing information technology and CRMs.

Dan Pratt,
CMO & Co-Founder

Dan joined the Heleum team after 7 years of teaching K-12. Over the past few years, Dan has blogged about Bitcoin, decentralization, and free markets. Since 2015, he has been managing social media, funnels, and fulfillment.


Ben Pratt,

With physics degrees from BYU and University of Washington, Ben worked first in education and then in the semiconductor industry training and developing both humans and monitoring systems.

Skyler Collins,
Support Manager

Skyler has worked in customer service, software technical support, and software quality assurance for over 12 years. His background also includes sales and marketing, website design, web content editing, blogging, podcasting, print publishing, and bookkeeping.