Version 2.1 is Going Live with Stop Losses

Two weeks ago, we shared a post, mostly upset over low app performance during this cryptocurrency crash and also over not quite succeeding in raising funds on SeedInvest.

Today, we have ridiculously awesome news. Version 2.1 is being released early next week, with fiat stop losses and tighter buy conditions.

Version 2.1 with Stop Losses is Going Live 

It’s hard to put into words how awesome this upgrade is. For over 8 months (since our October 2017 soft launch), our users have asked us this question almost every day: why are there no stop losses in Heleum? Near the beginning our answer was that they were unnecessary, and from the perspective of record highs in November and December 2017, that seemed alright. Then the crash happened, and we were not ready for it. Version 1 of our algorithm rode the market all the way down, and our users suffered accordingly. Our Version 2 upgrade was designed to fix this, and we did make significant improvements to our code with Version 2.0, but it still lacked the fiat stop losses that were needed to protect users effectively from future crashes.

I’m pleased to announce that those days are soon coming to an end. Fiat stop losses are being added now, and they work in tandem with another large change to our system: better buy indicators. Version 2.1 will trade very differently than before: it will avoid cryptocurrencies completely during downtrends in the market, and only go in during uptrends. This means that balloons may wait 1 to 3 months on average between moves, making sure they gather as much profit as possible, and avoid as much loss as possible. These moves are based on professional trading indicators that have been well-researched and prepared by expert cryptocurrency traders.

The full results of our Version 2.1 back-testing simulation on our custom-made simulator can be found here: What this shows is a simulated user account, starting with $2000, that began at the top of the market: around December 20, 2017, after the all-time high for most cryptocurrencies was reached. As you can see in the chart below, balloons didn’t move until they could see a strong opportunity to grow, and got out of the market quickly when things started falling again. Here are some highlights from those results:

  • The lowest account value was a 6% drop from the $2000 starting amount, compared with BTCUSD, which has dropped 70% from its all-time high.
  • The highest account value reached was a gain of 70%, settling at about a 50% gain by the end of the 6-month test period.
  • Balloons were launched with about 5% of the account value in each one, to limit the risk.
  • When it was time to move out of cryptos, balloons moved to EUR or USD to stay safe until cryptos started rising again.

As a result of this upgrade, we are much more confident that users will outperform the underlying cryptocurrency assets during crash periods, and likely during many high growth periods as well. Simulations that included some of the 2017 gains performed fantastically.

Once Version 2.1 is live on all user accounts early next week, users may expect to see their balloons move to fiats until the time is right to buy cryptos again. As always, you can follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter. We’re excited to move into this new phase in our community’s growth. Things are looking up.