Uphold Lowers Conversion Fees to Support Heleum V2.2

Uphold and Heleum announce a revised commercial relationship agreement with subsidized conversion fees for algorithmic Heleum app moves.


Lower fees

At Heleum we are pleased to announce that we have just upgraded our commercial partnership with Uphold. Since early 2017, Heleum has nurtured a close strategic relationship with Uphold. As a result, Heleum users will now enjoy subsidized pricing on Uphold currency conversions on transactions performed by the Heleum app. All Heleum balloon conversions will now be charged a flat 0.50% instead of the regular conversion fees which varied between 0.65% and 1.95% depending on the currency. As a result of this change, we are able to access trading strategies that rely on smaller gains and more volatility to capture profits. This is such a significant development, we are marking this as the release of Heleum v2.2.


More activity, higher profits

After extensive live testing and backtesting, we have just activated a more aggressive trading strategy that’s optimized for a low-fee environment. The buy and sell signals are based on the MACD technical indicator. We were able to run a simulation with historical rates from Dec 21st to September 6th. The simulation showed 440 moves across 220 lots (balloons), starting with $1,000, and ending with $5,480.21, a 448% gain.

Detailed statistics from the simulation can be found here: v2.2 Low Fee Simulation. It is important to remember that this is only a simulation. Our challenge is to match or beat the expectation of getting in and out at the right times. Our strategy will continue to improve over time with additional research and testing.


Just the beginning

Keep a lookout for additional announcements from Heleum and Uphold as we continue to push for improvements on both platforms. Until then, add some funds to your Heleum account and let your money move you!