V2.3 is Live!

We are ecstatic! After a 10-week pause in activity to focus on strategy development, we are pleased to announce that Version 2.3 of our code is live right now. We are certainly glad our users avoided the recent phenomenal crash, and as soon as prices exit the current downtrend the new strategy will start entering cryptocurrencies again.

Here are a few examples of positive trades our new strategy could have performed in the last two weeks, in between the most recent crashes. Bear in mind that there will still be ups and downs in your Heleum account. Sometimes a balloon might fall a few times before it rises. We saw gains of 2-3% per month in our simulated tests from May to today, but those are only simulations and do not reflect how Heleum will actually perform in real life.

Other changes in v2.3:

  1. We are doing away with Referral Boosts. Instead we are rolling out Referral Bonuses. Any qualified user you refer (active for 30 days and at least $100 in balance), you will get $3.
  2. We are also getting rid of Account Boosts that fluctuated based on how much you deposited.
  3. For new users (starting 12/7/2018), we’ll be starting a $3 monthly fee. We’ll also offer a 33% discount at $24 to use the service for 12 months. To offset this fee, we are cutting our profit share fees in half to a flat 20%, raising the default user share to 80%. Fees will still be waived via the automatically applied “Recovery Discount” if you lose money with Heleum.

Additional announcements:

  • Aside from our strategy and fee changes outlined above, Heleum has worked on many amazing corporate partnerships over the last few months and many of these will be announced gradually.
  • The first partner we’d like to announce today is InfluenceMine.io, the first regulated fractionalized cryptocurrency mining company in the United States.
    • We intend to offer Heleum as an option for InfluenceMine users to automatically trade their newly-mined cryptocurrency rewards.
    • We can also eventually allow Heleum users to benefit from InfluenceMine’s services automatically by having a portion of their funds tied to cryptocurrency mining power, which generates revenue on a consistent basis by holding or selling newly-mined cryptocurrencies.
    • We will announce more about this partnership as applicable services and features are launched in the future.
  • Our Wefunder raise is ending in SEVEN DAYS! If you’d like to own part of Heleum, this is your last chance for the year 2018. We don’t when you’ll have another opportunity to buy equity in Heleum. We do plan to have additional raises in the future, but only at higher valuations.
  • In 2019, we plan to release iOS and Android mobile apps, additional financial services like automated social lending, and possibly new token projects that enhance the Heleum service.

We’re glad to have made it through what we believe is the worst that this cryptocurrency crash has had to throw at us. We have awesome plans for the future, great partners and team members, and amazing technology. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!