Heleum Crowdfunding Live on WeFunder

On the heels of our best code upgrade to date (V2.1), Heleum is excited to announce that our new equity crowdfunding campaign through WeFunder is now LIVE at wefunder.com/heleum. We’ve also created a direct link to our profile there at heleum.com/fund. Now anyone can invest in Heleum for as little as $100 until Dec. 26th or until we reach our ultimate funding goal of $1.07 million. To celebrate our fundraiser, we’ll also be offering the following promotions:

100% Cash Back on TaxBit Subscription

For US citizens that want real-time tax analysis of their cryptocurrency activity, tax return preparation help, and tax escrow (a balance set aside to cover your liability), Heleum will rebate the cost of a TaxBit purchase through a special app boost after your purchase. You can purchase a TaxBit subscription here at 50% off. We will apply the Special Boost after we’ve received purchase confirmation from TaxBit.

Double Referral Bonus

For ALL Heleum users: we’re going to double the Boost value of all current and future active referrals. Usually when Heleum users refer others who remain active, they get an extra 1% Boost. Now that will be 2%, so any Heleum user can reach a 100% Share of Gains with just 20 referrals.

Investor Perks (All perks are cumulative)

If you invest in our WeFunder campaign at or above the following amounts, you’ll get extra perks from us as a thank-you:


  • 70% Share of Gains in your Heleum Account!
  • Get a personalized Thank You email from the Heleum Team.


  • 75% Share of Gains in your Heleum Account!
  • Get Recognized! We’ll mention you in the Heleum app, or add a personal message to the app for you.


  • 80% Share of Gains in your Heleum Account!
  • Free Crypto Tax Reporting Subscription (Sponsored by TaxBit)


  • 85% Share of Gains in your Heleum Account!
  • Design Your Own 1% Boost! Pick a special date where all users can enjoy an additional performance boost.


  • 90% Share of Gains in your Heleum Account!
  • A Day with Heleum! Visit the Office, Hot Air Balloon Ride, Dinner with the Team.

Also, any investor who invests part of the first $100,000 raised will receive an Early Bird Bonus. See detailed terms at wefunder.com/heleum.

This fantastic crowdfunding promotion will help us end 2018 with a bang as we develop our mobile apps, expand our services, and improve our app performance. And you’re all coming along for the ride.